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Here you will find trivia about the castles and medieval times.

What story would be complete without a haunted castle. A listing of some of the castles that are reportedly haunted in Great Britain.

There are thousands of castles in Great Britain. Look at just a few of the ground plans.

Castle Keeps ranged from small, thinned walled, structures to behemoths over 100ft high with walls over 20ft thick. Here are some keep ground plans in 2D.

Some knights are well known, but many have been lost in history. We list some of the knights and the castles they built.

Discover what movies and TV programs were filmed at the castles.

There are many myths and legends associated with castles, from secret tunnels to unexplained deaths.

Records Offices are invaluable when it comes to researching castles and people associated with these structures. Here you will find a listing of the offices.

Castles, Abbeys, Ancient Monuments, Battlefields, Stately Homes, and great food await you.

Author, speaker, and scholar.

We link only to the castles.


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