About Castles
An in-depth look into why castles developed. This section also takes you on a tour of the main parts of a castle.

Bathing and Washing
There are many myths surrounding bathing and washing in medieval times. Find the truth here.

Building a Castle
A look into how castles developed and how they were built. How long did it take? How much did it cost?

Castle Defenses
The moats, battlements, and more. Here is a description of the important castle defenses.

Where was a chapel located? What were they like? This section will answer those questions and more.

Concentric Castles
The ultimate castle. Read about these giant fortresses in this section.

Decline of the Castle
What happened to the castle? Follow their rise and fall in this section.

Find out about a castle drawbridge, from the simple moveable wooden platform to the latest pivoting bridge.

Find out the secrets of the cold dark dungeons. Learn the truth.

Find out about all the entertainers at the castle. What really took place at the tournaments and festivals?

From the earliest open hearth fires to the fancy decorated and hooded fireplaces. Find out how people kept warm in a castle.

What was available to eat in medieval times? What did they eat? You may find some surprises.

Fortified Manors
Fortified manors became common in the 13th century. Find out what they were and what kind of defenses they had.

With what and how was a castle furnished.

Often the gatehouse of the castle was the focal point of refuge and attack. Find out why.

Complete glossary of castle terms. A must for anyone researching the castle.

The castle hall was the all-purpose structure in the castle. Where were they located? What were they like?

Why did keeps evolve? Why were they used? Read and find out.

How did kitchens develop? What did they contain? Why did they exist.

All about knights, from childhood to adulthood, and why they were used.

What did it take to build a castle? This section is about getting a license to build a castle. What happened when a castle was built without a license?

Life in a Castle
Get an insight into the everyday life of people living in a medieval castle, and what made it difficult to live in one.

Medieval Jobs
What kind of work did the people do? Find out about the different medieval jobs here.

Medieval Kings
The kings could be ruthless. Find out what they did, or didn't do. What contributions did they make to castles.

Medieval Siege
Experience a siege first hand. Find out how it was really like to attack and defend a castle.

Medieval Women
How was it really like to be a woman during medieval times. You'd be surprised.

Motte and Bailey Castles
How were these castles built? When were they built? Where were they built? Read about these early earth and timber castles.

Pele Towers
Pele towers were known as the poor man's castles. Here is your chance to read about these "little known" castles.

How did the people raise and lower the gates in medieval times? Find out how and why the portcullis existed.

A rather awkward subject to talk about, but going to the potty in medieval times was sometimes a cold experience.

Provisions and Storage
Find out what it took to prepare a castle for war. What kind of provisions did the garrison need to survive a siege?

Ringwork Castles
A little talked about castle type. What were they? What did they look like?

There are many theories on how a castle roof looked. Read about the construction.

What were solars used for? Where did they come from? The description and history is here.

Read about how and why stairs were built at the castles. What is a newel stair?

Stone Castles
Read a brief history of stone and enclosure castles. Some good examples are also provided.

With what did the medieval workers use to build the castles? Learn about the various tools here.

Tower Houses
Scotland remained unstable long after England and Wales. Read all about these unique late castles.

Square, rectangular, polygonal, round, and D-shaped. Wall towers were built in many shapes. Find out more.

What is all this about undermining? Find out about this heart-stopping occupation.

How high were they? How thick did people build them? Learn about the castle enclosing walls.

Water was the life blood for the people in the castle. Where were they located within the castle? How deep were the wells?

There were many types of windows developed for the castle. Brush up on the history.


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