Hex Map Editor v1.0
Genre: Editor, Graphics
24 medieval based color tiles to choose from
Undo last tile placement
Snap to grid
Save and load
On screen identification of tiles
The Hex Map Editor allows you to build a hex map, with the included tiles, for your games. The tiles are based on medieval times. You can load and save maps in the .bmp format which will allow you to include text using another graphics editor. This is an .exe

hexmapeditorv1.3.exe (602kb)

MMF2 Tech Manual v5.1
Genre: Learning, Coding
An MWH Education Program: MMF2 Technical Manual. This program is in .pdf format. Updated to Version 5.1

mmf2technicalmanual5.1.pdf (240kb)

Genre: gaming
Suffer is based on Sudoku and includes 50 levels. The object is to fill up the board with numbers 1-9 with no numbers appearing more than once in any row or column.
Select your game by mouse clicking on the arrows, or by using the W or E keys. Mouse click on the Green Start Button, or by pressing Enter on the keyboard. Move the Selector with the Arrow Keys. Use the upper numbers on the keyboard to change numbers. Use the Space Bar to delete a number. Clear the board before each new game by mouse clicking on the curved arrow, or with the C Key on the keyboard.

suffer.exe (444kb)

HTML Editor 2.1.1
Genre: programming
HTMLEditor 2.1.1 saves and loads in .html format. Standard Windows menus.

htmleditorv2.1.1.exe (510kb)

HTML Editor 2.0.1
Genre: programming
HTMLEditor 2.0.1 saves and loads in .htm format. Standard Windows menus.

htmleditorv2.0.1.exe (510kb)

Model Railroading v1.0
Genre: Learning, Model Railroading, Railroads
Splash Screen Dropdown Menu
An MWH Education Program: Model Railroading. This program has track isolation wiring diagrams, articles, diesel descriptions, and a glossary. The program applies to all scales. This is an .exe file. (7.1mb)

My thanks go out to Click Team and everyone on the CT forums for their help and understanding since the beginning.


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